Change your child’s future with this brain-based modality

A first in the Philippines, the Anat Baniel Method dares to disrupt the norm with a brain-based transformation modality that helps kids with special needs ugrade their quality of life.

Offered by ABM practitioner ELi Abela, she aims to provide different options for families to approach the limitations set by the child’s condition. She invites people to “have an open mind,” and to believe in the innate capacity of all humans for positive brain change.


Beat your personal best.

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With thousands of positive testimonials worldwide, the Anat Baniel method offers a wider range of skills never before expected in children with additional needs.

Dare to dream! but first, Believe..

Inquire at 0917.896.4567 info@UNLTD.PH
UNLTD Biohacking Recovery Center
2/F 123 Pioneer St Guerrero Compound Mandaluyong City



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