This is the biggest LIMITING belief: Life is all downhill when perimenopause hits. I’d like women to think differently about this stage in our lives that Mother Nature GIFTED us. Perimenopause is when our true calling can finally LAND AND MATERIALIZE, with motherhood out of the way and wifehood in its comfort zone, says Christiane […]

The one thing that’s worth a goddamn

Since Netflix and the whole binge TV paradigm essentially killed the pay-per-view industry, I feel the quality of films and TV programs have become quite diluted. Everything is free for all. Anyone with some sort of decent budget can make a film about anything these days and honestly most of what Netflix spews out is […]

Let’s all meet there

“If you Build it, THEY will come” This was the voice talking to me in 2015 when I discovered Bulletproof Coffee. My First question: “Build what?” My second: Who is “They?” Being a movie buff, I watched and re-watched the 1989 movie Field of Dreams looking for signs.”If you build it, HE will come” naman […]

Are we looking in the right place for our next-step in evolution?

I’ve Been spending the past two weeks ear-reading three books. All of them interweave concepts, ideas, scientific studies, that culminated in formulating one compound question in my mind: What is the human being’s threshold for next-step evolution and can we cross it in this lifetime? Biohackers are often labeled as charlatans, maniacs, weirdos, iconoclasts, rebels..and […]