Your fingertips have more power than you could ever imagine—and that power is there specifically to help you.

  •  Our present-day culture drives people to  ignore themselves, their health, and their community. This causes a lot of people to experience new forms of pain and isolation right in the middle of the age of connectivity.
  • Healing and recovery from physical illnesses, as well as emotional pain, can be handled outside of the conventional antiseptic-smelling walls and sad waiting rooms.
  • Did you know that these solutions are already AT YOUR FINGERTIPS???

A few questions for you...

  • Do you find yourself FEELING ALONE, even though we are in a time of instant connectivity and information? 
  • Do you have those "bad days" where you feel "blah" in your body, and you can't pinpoint WHY?
  • Do thoughts of the past, or traumatic events and memories cause you to spiral down into a funk? 
  • Do you feel yourself getting in your own way — like, you can't achieve a goal because your thoughts or your emotions are keeping you at arm's reach from what you really want? 
  • Do you often ESCAPE REALITY by putting things off, or becoming DISTRACTED by INDECISION?

You are not alone. Many of us feel this way because we are DISCONNECTED from our BODIES.

I have GOOD NEWS. With EFT, a single tap from you can truly change your own life. By stimulating your body’s energy system, you remove the roadblocks that keep you from moving forward and enjoying the life you were meant to enjoy.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, empowers the individual and gives them the tools to heal from pain--be it physical or emotional.”

"EFT helped me to put myself out there!"

I am really thankful for having Eli in my life. There was a big blockage in me when I had to work on my projects and come out to the world and after my first session with her using EFT and a little of Psych-k I could finally put myself out there making my videos and in one of them I won 150 dollars... Yeyyy!
I am pretty sure any person who has a session with Eli will find how caring and compassionate she is with her clients...YOU ARE AMAZING!

Mimi A.

With EFT Tapping, you can do the following things and more:

More Energy

Remove negative emotions that block your body’s energy highway.

Free From Pain

Reduce and eliminate both physical and emotional pain.


Restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

​Relief from Anxiety

Remove negative emotions that block your body’s energy highway.

​Healing from Dis-Ease

Reduce and eliminate both physical and emotional pain.

​​Release from Fear

Restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

​​Weight Loss

Remove negative emotions that block your body’s energy highway.

​​Reduce Food Cravings

Reduce and eliminate both physical and emotional pain.

​Achieve Your Goals

Restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

How EFT Tapping Started

Studies into EFT Tapping were started by Dr. Roger Callahan in the 70s, as an effort to help relieve his patients of their phobias and anxieties. His student, Gary Craig, developed and modernized the techniques used by Dr. Callahan and made EFT Tapping into what it is today.

Tapping may sound new to most of you, but it banks on the millennia-old Chinese practice of acupuncture as well as the concept of energy meridian systems in the body. EFT Tapping uses touch--tapping--to gently stimulate these meridian points that affect the flow of energy and life force throughout the body.

In EFT Tapping, it is believed that the body’s energy system can accumulate energy blocks that impede the normal function of the human body. These blocks are caused by painful memories, trauma, and other types of painful experiences. Once these blocks settle in your body, you start to get sick and weaken.

The primary aim of EFT Tapping is to go to the source of the block and release it so the person can be at peace and heal on their own. EFT practitioners are conduits of the process. The one who holds the power and heals you is You. 

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EFT Tapping practitioners have since guided thousands of people into self-healing and recovery. Soldiers with PTSD but who practiced EFT have less symptoms than when they first started. Tapping is literally used to help treat their PTSD. Some people have also reported having fewer symptoms of anxiety since they started making it a habit. 

As it continues to make a change in people’s lives, EFT Tapping reconnects people with their inner selves and helps build stronger, more compassionate communities.

What EFT Tapping Does for You:

EFT Tapping is great for healing both emotional and physical pain. However, it’s also very helpful in the following applications as well:

"Helped this businessman to face his psychotherapist without pain or anger."

EFT is a great experience! I woke up feeling renewed, refreshed and i feel so light and my mind felt brand new! It was indeed a great decision to go EFT last time with you as i was in perfect condition in facing the psychotherapist. I was so calm and HAPPY! I felt so positive the whole time and during the talk, i was able to tell all the stories without pain, anger, and any amount of resentment! Galing galing!

- A.F.  (Businessman)

"This will help me shift to a new paradigm.."

"I feel that the free training alone adds another 10 years to my life here on earth! Pano na lang pag inimplement na?... grabe sa learning... mind blowing. Thank you so much, Eli! Surely, this will help me shift to a new paradigm and will help me to become limitless!"

- Emil San Juan (FB Ads Strategist)

Best your personal best.

Tap into your freedom, now.

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"There are so many things to avoid depression and other diseases.."

"Eli made me realize that there are so many things to avoid depression and other diseases. She also shared some tips how to avoid it and live a happy and energetic life."

- John Bautista (Email Copywriter for Course Creators)

Elizabeth Abela, the first certified Bulletproof Human Coach in the Philippines, believes in the efficacy of energy psychology in terms of bringing resolution to personal issues and the multi-faceted healing that ensues. She became certified as a Conversational Hypnotherapist in 2016 and that path led to the discovery of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, which also employs energy work.

Eli Abela provides private and online consultation services as a certified Bulletproof Coach, Advanced NeuroOptimal Trainer, and Matrix Reimprinting / EFT / PSYCH K sessions for a variety of issues, both physical and emotional.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

"... Anxiety down after one session!"

It was an amazingly uplifting and intense experience sitting down for a couple hours with Ms. Eli Abela. The methods she uses allow a great amount of internal healing to take place. The anxiety I suffer from has gone down immensely after just one session, with her combining several schools of thought and practice. Thank you, Eli! Coming back soon for sure.

- Ina CO (Pilates instructor)

"After my first EFT session, I didn't feel like dying anymore."

 have a diagnosed depression and anxiety disorder and has been on psychiatric medication since 2013. For more than a decade, I felt hopeless. I have been on several medications. None seem to alleviate my emotional pain the way EFT did. After my first EFT session, I didn't feel like dying anymore. I felt hopeful. It’s like a great weight’s been lifted. Ever since then, I feel like I no longer have to suffer through my emotional pain. I now have I have control over my depressive and anxious feelings. I now have the ability to self-regulate. So now, every time I get depressive episodes or bad thoughts, I tap and then I feel better. With EFT, I learned to love myself. And because I love myself, I started exercising again. I started studying things that I’m curious about. I started cooking for my loved ones (one of my many passions.) I started doing things that I love and are good for me. EFT has been instrumental to quality of life I enjoy today.

- XT (Entrepreneur)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does EFT Tapping hurt?

​What do I need during an EFT Tapping session?

​How much is an EFT Tapping session?

​Does EFT Tapping work?

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