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Introducing the power of fingertip (needle-free) acupuncture to the Philippines following the high standard of EFT universe.


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It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

Take control of your own biology and manipulate your inner and outer environment to garner a positive outcome.
Here is your chance to be part of the Exclusive Human Potential Group!
Hi, my name is Eli, I'm a Human Potential coach and expert Biohacker.

For those of you who know Bulletproof coffee, Dave Asprey was my mentor and journey guide. I've since met many other mentors and through their guidance and my own self-experimentation, I have discovered adaptable ways to lower my biological age. As of this writing, I'm 47 but my biological age is usually between 30 and 33. My goal is to help people grow younger with age!​

If you choose the path of positive change, I will walk it with you and guide you through an adventure of self-exploration and discovery. Together we will reveal aspects of your life where there is potential for growth. I'm here to help you bloom into your best self.

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Hi, my name is Eli, nice to meet you!

I work with motivated spirits just like yours that want to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and embrace the entrepreneurial adventure.

Do you have a business or an idea you are passionate about but you don’t have the knowledge or time to create the web material and strategy you need?

No worries! I have created a group of like-minded people to help you grow your business online. Everything is about you and what you want to do, I am only here to guide you and support you to make you realise your dreams!

Our group will help you give life to your projects and promote your products or services with beautiful designs. All sorts of projects are welcome to enrich our experience.

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