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Unleash your Human Potential

Reach Your TOP BEST PEAK Performance


& Germanische heilkunde (GNM)

Let Me Help You

Unleash your Human Potential

Reach Your TOP BEST PEAK Performance

using practical

biohacking strategies

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ELi Abela

Hi! My name is ELi

I’m the Biohacking Pioneer of the Philippines and FIRST Certified Germanische Heilkunde (GNM) consultant and Educator-in-Training under Pilhar Academy in the country. I’m in the business of WHOLE health, which means I give equal importance (if not more) to the emotional and mental assets of an individual as the physical.

Since 2016, I have been empowering humans to “control their biology so their biology doesn’t control them.” I believe clearing childhood trauma and becoming triggerless to life’s unexpected conflicts is the true way to prevent cancer, incurable chronic illness, and imbalanced emotional and mental states. 

Living biologically, that is, with the laws of nature, will ensure you remain an empowered, self-sovereign, extremely robust human being. 

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My Advocacy

Each individual has a seed of potential planted in them. And each one has the power to grow into unimaginable heights… 

… if you let them. 

I’ve always had a soft spot for children with special needs. 

Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood, even ostracized because of their uniqueness. 

And although there are groups, organizations, and other institutions that give their support, there are still a huge number of kids with special needs who don’t get access to the help they need. 

That’s why I’ve made it my life’s work to help children with special needs get access to unconventional treatments like Anat Baniel and Biohacking. 

In every client I get to help, a child with special needs gets access to my services. 

So when you step into my recovery center, you get to heal yourself and others. 

That way, the circle of healing is complete.

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ELi Abela