A Day With Eli Abela Part 2: The Home Of A Biohacker

In the second and last part of our interview with Eli Abela, we talk about the home and what fuels a biohacker. 

Asia: So to do a little recap from where we left off the last time, we talked about how you got into biohacking and how you branched out from there. You also shared your favorite biohacking machines and gadgets.

Eli: Yes, that’s right. 

A: So what we want to know now is aside from using your favorite machines, how else do you live a biohacker’s life? What constitutes a biohacker’s home?

E: I like that question because I was about to mention my blue light blockers!

A: Blue light blockers? Do you mean the lenses?

E: Yeah! They come in different shades of orange. What they do is minimize or eliminate blue light which causes wakefulness when they’re supposed to be sleeping. The orange hue mimics the sunset and it stimulates drowsiness. It’s ideal to use this if you’re on your computers or handheld gadgets too much. Plus, it’s very handy to bring with you on a plane or when you’re somewhere with harsh lighting as it can help calm and soothe you. 

A: That’s cool. I guess my glasses have blue light filters too, but they’re not as intense as your sets! Anyway, what else do you do to biohack yourself?

E: I used to practice meditation a lot, but I realized it wasn’t for me. It did me good and all, but even with its benefits, I don’t want to run the risk of overdoing it. Meditation puts you in a state between sleep and wakefulness and that’s good because there are times when the universe really wants to send you an important message. It’s also important to practice meditation when you want to keep in touch with your higher, divine self. 

Given its benefits, what’s largely undiscussed, is the fact that excessive meditation can distance yourself from reality. You’re always in constant communication with your higher self, which distances you from the now, and that’s difficult to manage. Also, you’re keeping yourself from sleep, which is the greatest healer. Your body can’t heal you if you’re always in a meditative state. As with all things, do it in moderation. 

A: Wow, before this interview, I didn’t know a single con to meditation, but it’s good that you cleared that up for us. Because we’re nearing the end of our interview, any final thoughts or tips for the future biohackers out there?

E: As for space, the first thing is you have to surround yourself in good energy, in good surroundings. Plants and greenery contribute so much to the energy I have here at home, and besides the company they provide, they keep the air around me fresh. 

But who am I kidding? In this day and age, we can’t really know for sure if the air we breathe is clean. So another tip I recommend is that biohackers who are starting out should get good air and water purifiers. They should also invest in EMF (electromagnetic field) shields to guard against electromagnetic fields which sometimes cause cell damage and even cancer. I also highly recommend lighting up your space with natural sunlight or natural daylight light bulbs. 

On the other hand, when it comes to the self, always remember to consume natural and organic products that are sustainable. As for the protein and meats I consume, I always opt for grass-fed ones over ones treated with medicines and fed pellets. 

But I think the most important thing of all in biohacking is your mindset. As much as possible, you should be self-aware of your body’s needs. Once you get into the full swing of biohacking, listening to your body will become easier and easier. When that happens, it’s important to be responsible and accountable for yourself. After all, you can’t help others if you don’t know how to help nor love yourself properly. Your body deserves your love and attention, too. 

A: That’s truly inspiring, Ms. Eli. Thank you so much. We hope to learn more from you in the future. 

E: No problem. It would be my pleasure. 

(For part 1 of this interview, please see the blog list on the Eli Abela homepage.)

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