5 Simple Stress Relief Activities You Should Know About

Stress relief activities are essential for our survival.  With all that’s going on in the world, managing our stress levels should be considered as a priority.  As a Biohacking pioneer in the Philippines, my advocacy is to help you deal with stress better.  So today, we will be discussing stress, stress relief activities, and how […]

“How Biohacking Saved Me from Panic and Anxiety of the GCQ”

“If I were depressive, today would’ve been a good day to jump…” These are my words, and the last words you would ever hear from me, Eli-belly the smiley, a self-strengthened Biohacker, a trauma therapist, and possibly one of the most positive people in the world. So positive, I’ve been told to “cheer down.” But […]

India Traveled Me


It was 2010, I went to see a spirit guide, a channeler. My guides told her I was supposed to go to India (This was April 24, 2010).   She said she had a vision of me presenting multiple passports and traveling the world frequently, communing with many people of different cultures. I was living in […]

Wednesdays with Eli: The Elevator Game

In a deeply personal account, Shiela (not her real name) shares how a casual conversation with EFT and Psych-K expert practitioner, Eli Abela, led to the discovery of hidden fears and personas, and how to make peace with her trauma. I like to think that I’ve handled my past as well as anyone else on […]