Let’s all meet there

“If you Build it, THEY will come”

This was the voice talking to me in 2015 when I discovered Bulletproof Coffee.

My First question: “Build what?” My second: Who is “They?”

Being a movie buff, I watched and re-watched the 1989 movie Field of Dreams looking for signs.”If you build it, HE will come” naman yun.

If you were sporting Dippity-Do gel and Aquanet in your hair, chances are, you know this movie well.

It was nominated in 1989 for Best Picture and back then, Kevin Costner was the “shizzle.”

Woo-woo wasn’t as accepted then as it is now. But “Woo” it definitely was.

Tearing into the fabric of what we know as “Time,” a boy, now a man…was being given the gift of being SEEN by a Father who was too broken to be one.

A father, sharing a powerful connection with his son, carrying with him the relief of somehow being able to make up for lost time.But the Love between them…THAT was never lost.

The movie left me with a big question…WHAT IF we could transcend the time-space continuum and FORGIVE those who have hurt us and ask for their FORGIVENESS as well?

WHAT IF we could understand that the person breaking you is JUST AS BROKEN TOO?

WHAT IF we could realize that it also HURTS them when they HURT YOU?

Can we really LEARN what LOVE is?

I became a trauma therapist using ENERGY MEDICINE to help people find that place of SEEING and FORGIVING people who have broken them.

My work has helped me SEE the origin of pain.

It’s a CYCLE OF LESSONS that need to be learned from generation to generation.

Every generation has the chance to BREAK it.

I was my first client and I used what I learned to free myself from my own prison.


I too, WAS HURT.



In spite of that, I resolved to break the pattern.


After a few sessions, I found my voice again, and my freedom.

I was able to transcend the time-space continuum and to forgive who hurt me.

I asked their forgiveness too.

It didn’t matter that this person no longer walked the Earth.

Quantum physics doesn’t work in linear time.

So just like in the movie, I faced my oppressor and saw them this time with EYES of LOVE.

I found reconciliation.

I found ME again.

I FOUND THE PIECES that my broken self was missing.

I became WHOLE.

Only,In this version of time, it was REAL.

And not the stuff of DREAMS.

Remember the last scene in the movie? An endless stream of car headlights was piling up to enter the field.

That’s my vision for UNLTD.

To help people access this place.

It’s not a place outside of them.

And it doesn’t exist in DREAMS.

Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”

Each one of us can build this FIELD.

Let’s ALL meet there.

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Eli Abela