Are we looking in the right place for our next-step in evolution?

I’ve Been spending the past two weeks ear-reading three books. All of them interweave concepts, ideas, scientific studies, that culminated in formulating one compound question in my mind: What is the human being’s threshold for next-step evolution and can we cross it in this lifetime? Biohackers are often labeled as charlatans, maniacs, weirdos, iconoclasts, rebels..and […]

“How Biohacking Saved Me from Panic and Anxiety of the GCQ”

“If I were depressive, today would’ve been a good day to jump…” These are my words, and the last words you would ever hear from me, Eli-belly the smiley, a self-strengthened Biohacker, a trauma therapist, and possibly one of the most positive people in the world. So positive, I’ve been told to “cheer down.” But […]

India Traveled Me


It was 2010, I went to see a spirit guide, a channeler. My guides told her I was supposed to go to India (This was April 24, 2010).   She said she had a vision of me presenting multiple passports and traveling the world frequently, communing with many people of different cultures. I was living in […]

Wednesdays with Eli: The Elevator Game

In a deeply personal account, Shiela (not her real name) shares how a casual conversation with EFT and Psych-K expert practitioner, Eli Abela, led to the discovery of hidden fears and personas, and how to make peace with her trauma. I like to think that I’ve handled my past as well as anyone else on […]