The Whispers of Horses

“Your 5-year old self knows exactly what you came to earth for” – an unforgettable quote from one of my favorite books, “Mastery,” by Robert Greene. When I was about 5, my foot got stuck in a horse stirrup, probably saving my life. I was in Baguio City, a place that has captivated me since […]

Why Invest in a Broken Paradigm? Change it UP!

If there were anything in the world I could change right now, it would be to reverse the damn food pyramid and the current way we are being taught to achieve health. Why are we allowing these broken ways of thinking and twisted paradigms to perpetuate when they are obviously not working? Eat more grains, […]

Eat Cheesecake and Lose Weight

EMPTY CUP. EMPTY CUP.Eat CHEESECAKE without gaining weight! So intrigued by this author, Joel Greene, after having heard his two part podcast with the guapito Ben Greenfield (link in comments)  This guy has been into Keto, HIIT, MCT since the 80s and 90s and was one of the first to discover the importance of the […]

Fantastic Fungi

I have just fallen in love with the mycouniverse. I really encourage watching this film “Fantastic Fungi,” featuring mycologist Paul Stamets. It’s free on myflixer dot to but please support his advocacy if you can, by purchasing it on vimeo or fantasticfungi for $14.99 When humans lost their ability to telepath in the 3D world, […]


This is the biggest LIMITING belief: Life is all downhill when perimenopause hits. I’d like women to think differently about this stage in our lives that Mother Nature GIFTED us. Perimenopause is when our true calling can finally LAND AND MATERIALIZE, with motherhood out of the way and wifehood in its comfort zone, says Christiane […]

The one thing that’s worth a goddamn

Since Netflix and the whole binge TV paradigm essentially killed the pay-per-view industry, I feel the quality of films and TV programs have become quite diluted. Everything is free for all. Anyone with some sort of decent budget can make a film about anything these days and honestly most of what Netflix spews out is […]