Fantastic Fungi

I have just fallen in love with the mycouniverse.

I really encourage watching this film “Fantastic Fungi,” featuring mycologist Paul Stamets. It’s free on myflixer dot to but please support his advocacy if you can, by purchasing it on vimeo or fantasticfungi for $14.99

When humans lost their ability to telepath in the 3D world, perhaps the unseen (only because they’re invisible to the human eye) spores from the vast network of mycelium, has facilitated that ability for us.

In the beautiful book by Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees, he speaks of trees displaying maternal, protective, and “bayanihan” behavior through the network of mycelium (fungi), which act as containers and transmitters of data.

Equally fascinating is the idea that our ape-man ancestors may have accelerated our evolution through the consumption of magic mushrooms. I’ve always been enthralled by the idea of Synaesthesia (one of my favorite trance songs by Thrillseekers), or the “merging of senses,” where in the documentary they say it’s like “seeing music or hearing color.” It mentions that the mushrooms facilitated the development of 3D language, which is a kind of synaesthesia, where you could hear, see, feel all at the same time. (love this!)

The promise of finding “wholeness” is perhaps the brightest light this star could shine: the end of mental illness, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and yes, even cancer…as Stamets features his own mother surviving Stage 4 breast cancer when she consumed Turkey Tail multiple times a day along with her chemo drugs. The film features two other cancer patients with end-stage prostate cancer and kidney cancer.

But what about the concept of biopesticides? (goodbye, glyphosate and therefore goodbye autism, cancer, depression, autoimmune etc) or the survival of the bees (hello, biosecurity!!) as the antiviral properties of mycelia have been used to kill the viruses annihilating the bee populations of the world.

I’m already enamored of the microverse…viruses and bacteria that make up life, including humans, who are really just ten percent human. I often say that my microbiome/virome are married to my cats’ microbiome/virome and have offspring because we love each other so much. On the flipside, perhaps we can’t connect to people with imbalanced guts because the microuniverse we’re hosting can’t align with theirs.

Perhaps what we call the “morphogenetic field” or “morphic resonance” is really facilitated by a supernetwork of communicating agents comprising the world-wide-mycelium-web.

Something to ponder…and just another reason to heal our gut 🙂

I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did!

It’s 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, so my guess is, you will 🙂

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