Eat Cheesecake and Lose Weight

Eat CHEESECAKE without gaining weight!

So intrigued by this author, Joel Greene, after having heard his two part podcast with the guapito Ben Greenfield (link in comments) 👇

This guy has been into Keto, HIIT, MCT since the 80s and 90s and was one of the first to discover the importance of the gut microbiome in 2006, way before it became trendy just a few years ago. His new thing now is macrophage immunity.

He talks about our “Chronoimmunity and chronobiology” and our circaseptan cycles – Thursday has the lowest pour of plasma cortisol so this is when we should party. Most people have a heart attack or stroke on Wednesdays. Highest melatonin pour is Saturday and lowest is Monday (or the reverse).

NAD is the darling molecule of all Biohackers now, some bottles cost $150 a pop and IVs are $1500 a pop! It is literally being sucked up by moneyed biohackers.

And yet Joel Greene says, it can be BAD for you. Hold on….that has to be qualified, just like EVERYTHING. If you’re in your 20s, it should be upregulated and it’s safe to do so, but when you’re 50 plus, it’s the reverse! Wonder what Niagen and Nadovim guys have to say…

Next….the Keto DIET is NOT a good diet. Again…..has to be qualified. In the beginning, it has wonderful survival mechanism effects. But long term, it generates a particular molecule that is ant-inflammatory at the start then becomes pro-inflammatory long term, 4HNE. If you take alcohol and fried food with your keto diet, your risk of a cardiovascular event doubles!

Fat loss is injury and is therefore mediated by the immune system. If you’re a body builder or a chronic crash dieter, your multiple transformation will program the body to make you stop or make it more difficult to transform because the body is kicking in a survival program to mediate injury (fat loss).

He explains why super fit people like fitness guru Charles Poliquin died of a heart attack or why fit people seem to get cancer or collapse in the middle of a race.

Fat regain is a survival mechanism after starvation, dieting, or fasting which are all the same thing. And if done often, the body will learn the program and kick in your survival and will HOLD ON to your fat to keep you alive. No wonder it was soooo hard for me to lose weight again one month after I did my first PROLON (FMD Fasting Mimicking Diet). And also when I did the Cohen diet, I needed to STARVE myself like crazy to go back to my “ideal” weight (which was TOO low to begin with). My body on that diet was signalling starvation and crying for help. Needless to say, I regained everything! But actually, my body feels so much more balanced ten pounds heavier than the purported ideal Cohen weight.

By the way, most EVERYBODY gained back the weight on the Cohen diet!! Use your P60k toward something more worthwhile.

A particular type of collagen: Collagen6, drives inflammatory markers and can cause cancer. Not all collagen is good for you. Nothing is binary!

Best workout: Sprinting because it’s programmed in our survival function to “run away” from danger, so tapping into this sends positive signals to the body.
New way to HIIT: Sprint just 20 secs a day. Preferably, 4 am to dawn, when our survival mechanism (what he calls the genetic rushed hour) is at its prime. If you don’t like to sprint, just HIIT your fave workout for 20 secs a day then gradually build up to 20 secs 3x a day.

Cold thermogenesis should also be done at dawn as should anything that hacks into survival programs.
NOTE : he’s not a big fan of long term and frequent COLD THERMOGENESIS. (Up for debate with Wim!)

If you’re lactose or gluten intolerant, you can BUILD the ability to tolerate these by reinforcing the bacteria that helps digest them. A big part of our genome is acquired and driven by bacteria (and viruses) because it was simply too slow for us to evolve the Darwinian way. The genes to be able to digest carb was most likely bacteria driven since carb is a relatively recent addition to our diet. In that light, we can just eat food that feed bifido bacteria, which help increase tolerance for lactose and gluten. Super interesting concept that I think makes so much sense!!

Super fast belly burner: get some menthol (maybe we can use Peppermint or Eucalyptus essential oil) and rub it on your abs, cover your abs with a Tshirt and put some ice on it for 20 mins. This will create more “brown fat” which are rich in mitochondria and are the type that burns fat instead of store. This is called “browning the fat.” Then do crunches for 5 mins which mimics insulin. Do this only 5 times every month because CT over long periods of time can have the reverse effect!

Another hack: Eat whey protein 30 mins before carb to hack into the insulin wave. Cool down the carb to turn it into resistant starch (starch that can’t be digested and becomes food for bacteria or a prebiotic) and add butter for butyrate (where the word butter comes from – fun fact!!)

Super fat burner: Hemicellulose (green beans) plus protein before bed to create butyrate, Niacin plus Zinc.

I love how he says we can reach our PEAK PHYSIOLOGY and become PEAK HUMANS and avoid inflammaging by using what we know and harnessing that knowledge with the proper HOW and WHEN (BIOHACKING).

To him it’s all about the Gut Biome. I believe this because his approach is similar to the Nemechek Protocol, which has successfully allowed kids on the autism spectrum to recover – same thing – they clean the gut of SIBO with inulin fiber, olive oil, etc. Probiotics are a No No.

Link to his book and audiobook bundle in comments below. I also signed up to his food program online just to do yet a new N=1 experiment.

I do have some belly fat to lose from my last 3 weeks of eating Conti’s turtle pie and cheese with rice 😀 enjoyed it but time to burn it the right way following his protocol.

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