Why Invest in a Broken Paradigm? Change it UP!

If there were anything in the world I could change right now, it would be to reverse the damn food pyramid and the current way we are being taught to achieve health.

Why are we allowing these broken ways of thinking and twisted paradigms to perpetuate when they are obviously not working?

Eat more grains, more cereal and fewer meat and fats?

Oh right, we did and I’ll tell you what happened:


Why is anyone following this damn pyramid that the makers of Kellogg cereal embedded in your brain through selfish advertising and marketing?

People are still immune-compromised and are not getting healthier.

Our health spans are shorter even if we’ve successfully extended life spans.

What good is a long life span when you’re fighting 5 overlapping conditions and can barely walk to the bathroom, let alone recognize people you love?

If there’s any “gift” to this pandemic (and I say that tongue-in-cheek), it’s that it highlighted everything wrong with how we care for ourselves – when health is the LAST thing our healthcare seems to be upholding.

We also LACK in educating people with the proper ways to keep themselves free from dis-ease and resistant to any pathogen, COVID or otherwise.

Instead, we succeeded at scaring people into a corner, staying inside their homes and not getting the healing ions of the outdoors and the life-force enhancing powers of the sun.

We succeeded at making people believe their immune systems are WEAK and POWERLESS to a virus, when it has actually protected us (and WILL continue to protect us) from millions of other pathogens throughout our lifetime.

We succeeded at making people believe that monotherapy and allopathy are the only ways to survive a pandemic.

When did the medical paradigm acknowledge our CELLULAR WISDOM and our BIOENERGETIC make-up?

When did we learn to take the INTELLIGENCE and POWER of our bodies for granted?

I’m here to remind you, everyone is FREE TO CHOOSE.

You don’t have to comply with systems that NO LONGER WORK.


Don’t let others control the way you THINK, LIVE, and DO.




Ways to boost your health NOW:

– Choose to eat food and drink water that DO NOT steal resources from your IMMUNE SYSTEM because you want it to protect you when you need it the most, ie, COVID. (the ONE thing the food pyramid got right: don’t eat sweets). Dairy except butter is highly inflammatory, bread has glyphosate and causes leaky gut and high insulin spikes, Fish is high in mercury and nano-plastics, chicken is the dirtiest meat on the planet). Eat good meat (beef and organs) and lots of fat with veggies but not veggies that are high in oxalates and anti-nutrients.

– Reduce your exposure to EMF, especially when 5G is openly being admitted to already be operational in the Philippines (It’s actually already here). Mitigate the toxic waves by reducing your computer, smartphone and tablet time. Turn off wifi at night or used a wired connection instead. Don’t sleep with your phone on and next to you – keep it at airplane mode. Buy EMF shielding clothing, bedding, paint, shields. Do not put your cellphone in your clothes pockets. Protect your children whose bones and brains are still delicate and their bodies are full of conductive cellular water.

– Practice intelligent movement but not cardiac cardio. Overexercising is a chronic addiction and should be treated like one. Do brisk walking, mini trampolining or jumping on the bed for lymphatic drainage, weight-bearing exercises like light yoga and pilates. The goal is to create energy with exercise NOT deplete energy even further. Feldenkrais movement classes are highly recommended (there are many online)

– Make Sleep your CAREER – Everything we do affects sleep and how we sleep affects everything we do. Learn ways to biohack your sleep and get the best ZZZZZs of your life!

– Get into Homeopathy – the remedies are dirt cheap and super effective. They have flattened the curve in COVID patients. Remedies are effective for all conditions like headache, lower back pain, eyebag puffiness, rashes and even emotions like sadness, fear of death, grief, anxiety. Visit the pages of Denise Celdran or Homeopathy Philippines for courses and remedies for sale.

– Self-regulate through meditation, presencing, Emotional Freedom Technique, mindfulness practices, or gratitude journaling. Finding your center and putting yourself back in equilibrium will conserve your resources and create more energy because you are stopping energy leaks. When we are fearful and anxious over something like COVID, we are compromising our immunity further. Finding a place of peace and objectivity helps boost our immune system. This allows it to activate only when we really need it, ie, fighting off a novel virus.

– Get into Essential Oils – Plants are powerful healers! In Essential Oils, they are potentized for healing but dosing and frequency should be done mindfully as they can cause kidney and liver toxicity.

– Go outdoors – commune with plants, get the sun, walk on sand, bare your feet on cool grass and soil. We are creatures of nature and our cells are happiest when we are surrounded in it. Heard of Shinrin Yoku or “Forest Bathing?” Nature heals.

– Bond with your animals – our furbabies hold energy for us and with us. It’s not only people that get a rush of oxytocin when we pet and kiss them, they do too. Our companion animals (and all animals) are holders of light and containers of pure energy for the planet.

You may not agree with me on some of the points above ie, eating meat.

The point is, be FREE.

CHOOSE what resonates with you and never give away your power.

Your body is your birthright, OWN it.

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